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10 Art Gallery Vendors You Should Have On Speed Dial

What 10 art gallery vendors do you need on speed dial?

Do you have a binder full of numbers for everyone you could possibly need? No? Start making one now and besides emergency contacts, consider the following list of art gallery vendors (term used loosely) to include in your new binder because chances are you’ll need the following people monthly.

10 Art Gallery Vendors You Need (It’ll Help You Grow Your Business!):

  1. Printing Company– You’ll be calling them every other week for new signs, flyers, cards, business cards, photographs, and what not. You’ll develop a great relationship with your local printer, just let it happen. It’s beautiful.
  2. Window Washer– Keep on top of them! A clean and clear window is so important in the retail business. You can’t sell more artwork if your main window is dirty! No one will be able to see in, or the paintings will be tinted a dusty brown. Yikes.
  3. HVAC– You don’t need them every month, but checking on your hvac system consistently is so important. You don’t want to breath in that terrible air day in and day out.
  4. Electrician– Again, maybe not every month, but keep them handy in case you have a lighting disaster. There aren’t too many situations that can go wrong in a gallery, but having your track lighting burn out, is one of them.
  5. Custom Framer– You’ll be doing a lot of frame changes, unless your artists just magically have the most amazing taste in frames. Chances are that’s probably not the case. That’s okay, no one can predict when a certain art collector only collects artwork in gold frames.
  6. Shipping Companies– You’ll need multiple shipping companies on file. Maybe 5-6. The more you have, and the more notes you have for each of them, the better. You’ll probably be calling them for quotes every few days.
  7. Packaging Companies– Same as above. Even if you do your own in house packaging, a lot of unusually sized objects or oversized objects are just too much to handle. They’re not worth the struggle. Use a professional packager. Sometimes they’re the same people as the shippers.
  8. Supplies Warehouse– You’re gallery is going to need a constant update on its supplies. You’re going to burn through that crap so much faster than you could imagine. Have 2-3 supply venders on speed dial. Or make an account online. So much easier sometimes.
  9. Graphic Designer– All those advertisements and printed materials you sent to your printer have to be designed. You’ll need to talk to your graphic designer a couple of times a week.
  10. Web Developer– This is that person who designs and runs your website. You’ll definitely be speaking to them all the time. They’ll be adding artwork, news, testimonials, and events to your site every week.


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