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10 Biggest Sales Mistakes

If you work in the retail industry and you take a minute to think about the last time you went shopping, you probably remember a few sales mistakes that a retail store clerk or sales consultant made.

Are you making similar sales mistakes?

Don’t get caught up making these 10 major sales mistakes:

  1. You stopped listening to your customer. You became too focused on your sales pitch and you couldn’t deviate to address your customers real concerns.
  2. You didn’t practice your sales pitch. You’re all over the place. If you had only spent those twenty minutes on Sunday going over your notes.
  3. You put way too much pressure on your customers. They had a bunch of objections, but instead of addressing them, you pushed them too hard to the sale, forcing them to leave.
  4. You spent too much time chatting idly with potential collectors. You missed your opportunity to sell. Cut the small talk.
  5. You weren’t able to close the sale. You danced around the topic and let them walk away saying, “We’ll think about it.” Ouch.
  6. You never approached certain customers because they didn’t look like they could afford a $3,000 painting or sculpture. Maybe they just came from work and didn’t have time to clean up. Some multi-millions are hands on people and don’t care about appearances. So don’t judge them.
  7. You didn’t ask if your customer needs the opinions of someone else to make the decision of whether to buy. You could spend an hour trying to figure out why someone won’t commit when it’s real simple: they’re spouse isn’t there!
  8. You didn’t build up the sale right. You didn’t start off making the trust relationship. Now they don’t believe a word you’ve said.
  9. You can’t see the situation from your customer’s perspective. You’re not getting at what they really want. You can’t visualize what they’re visualizing. This is especially important when you commissions paintings and sculptures. Be very clear and precise when you give your sales pitch. Try not to mince your words. Get on the same page as your customer.
  10. You never followed up. All they wanted was to measure their wall for your painting, but you never called them to check if the sizing worked. It did, you missed ourt. Always follow up with every lead.
What sales mistakes do you often come across while working in high-end retail?



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