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10 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Landing Page

Improve your website’s landing page now.

Stop missing out on new customers and sales by ignoring your outdated website’s landing page!

In the business world, it doesn’t matter if you’re meeting someone in person or if they’re “meeting you” online, you have about 10 seconds to impress them with your website’s landing page.

And that’s being generous!

So if your business’s website doesn’t impress instantly, your potential customers will move on. Most people visit about 25 websites a minute. That’s less than 3 seconds a website!

You plan to spend a lot of time and money into your website’s landing page and you should, it is a great source of lead generation, but what should you focus on to maximize your efforts? Here are 10 tips to consider:

  1. Put a video in the top header. People love videos and it will stop them in their tracks when they visit your website. This video doesn’t need audio. Audio can be jarring if done wrong. If your visitors stop and watch your video you’ve already kept them on your page 10x longer than the other websites they’ve visited.
  2. Give your visitors a reason to peruse your website. What benefit do you provide them on first glance? Is it free and easy to access? Your most unique selling point should be at the top.
  3. How is your copy? Is it profession? Is it short and to the point? Does it make people want to click on it? Do you use bullet points? Do you use a nice, easy to read, slightly larger than normal font?
  4. Do you have professional photos that illuminate your products and encourage people to click through to learn more about them?
  5. Do you have customer testimonials on your first page? Do you include photos when relevant? In the art gallery business, showing collector’s homes where their new art is hanging is a huge selling point. It’s an implied transformation.
  6. Do you give anything away for free on your home page? Something that you could trade for a potential collector’s email address and/or phone number?
  7. Do you have an easy to use navigation bar? One that lets people search the website easily for a certain type of product, like an abstract painting? Is this navigation bar easy to use on a mobile device?
  8. Is your contact information at the top? Your phone number should be large and noticeable. They shouldn’t have to search for your contact information and they shouldn’t have to enter their information to be able to contact you.

Take full advantage of websites, they’re the best low cost effective way to drive traffic and customers to your art gallery!

Does your gallery website’s landing page bring in customers?



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