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Why “Fit” Is Everything In Sales

Why does fit matter in sales?

What does fit even mean? How can you use this concept to increase your sales?

Does the phrase “finding the right fit” sound odd as advice in a fine art gallery? You hear it all the time in a high-end clothing store. It’s basically their mantra. Real estate’s is “location, location, location” and clothing is “fit.” But what is art? Fit. It’s fit too, just in a broader sense.

When you help your potential collectors acquire art, you’re helping them find that perfect fit for their home or office and for their personalities. Unlike a suit, which may be worn for a few years and then discarded, a piece of artwork is something your collectors will hang in their homes for decades. It’s something they’ll wake up and look at every morning. That’s why it’s so important that it emotionally clicks.

Your art collectors don’t buy high-end artwork because it’s the logical thing to do when they buy a house. If that were true they’d hang photos of their family. Artwork is an emotional investment. They buy it because they love art and more specifically the art your gallery sells. It makes them smile and reminisce about certain places or feelings.

As a sales consultant you want to figure out how this artwork your trying to sell to your collectors will fit into their lives. Maybe you’re showing them a wildlife painting. Do they collector similar pieces? Do they have a specific wall in mind for this piece? Does this painting in particular remind them of their cabin in the aspens? It’s almost like finding a puzzle piece. The more everything clicks the easier the sale will close.

Sometimes this is trickier, maybe they haven’t collected any artwork before. That’s fine, as long as you can see that they’re buying artwork for the love of the art, you’re already one step closer to that next sale.

Good luck!

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