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2 Big Reasons Your Artists Should Create Artist Books For Your Gallery

Artist books, who needs ’em?

It indicates a few important things about an artist who has his or her own books. It indicates that they’re successful. It’s not cheap to print and give out artist books. And it indicates that they have built up an extensive collection of artwork that has sold. They have 50+ pages filled with carefully photographed pieces. There are two reasons these artist books are important to you:

  1. They help add an extra special touch to your sale if you throw in an expensive, exclusive, art book for their table.
    Maybe it’s signed by the artist. Maybe it has an extra special note specifically to that collector. It’s a small gift, but makes the sale so much more personal.
  2. When you’re trying sell a commission an art book showcasing older artwork by your artists may be invaluable.
    The potential collectors you speak to might love the style of one of your artists, but not fall in love with the paintings you currently have on display on the walls. This gives you a chance to show them the best of their favorite artist’s older collections. They may fall in love with one of the pieces in there. Then it’s just a straightforward commission process from there.
So you can see the benefits of having an artist’s book available. It doesn’t have to be an over the top fancy hardcover book. Something simple and organized can be elegant.



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