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3 Killer Marketing And Promotional Tips That Will Blow Your Art Collectors Away

Go the extra mile with these killer marketing and promotional tips.

You don’t need a fancy graphic designer to create content that will blow your competition out of the water and make your art collectors flock back to you. You just need a few key items that are simple, clean and classy. Are you sick of wondering if your collectors threw your last card in the trash. With these marketing and promotional tips, you’ll never have to wonder about that again.

1st Awesome Marketing and Promotional Tip: Only utilize a bigger budget for more important events.

  • That means only spend a lot of money on events exclusive collector only events. Don’t waste this money on the public. Spend this money on creating elegant event cards. Put them in a fancy folder, one that only has your gallery logo on the outside in gloss. Inside the folder, use one side to cordially invite your collectors to this private event, and on the other side use this opportunity to give them an exclusive sneak preview of the artwork that will be available at that event. Try to sell them on the paintings and sculptures before it’s ever even public!

2nd Awesome Marketing and Promotional Tip: If you have repeat collectors, thank them with something special each time.

  • Make each special thing bigger every time they come back. Make sure it’s not any sort of discount, that is something that should only be discussed inside the gallery. Instead make it an artist’s book, artist video, chocolates, cookies, or wine with a simple card. Buy a box of 50 elegantly designed cards online from small craft makers. They will stand out from any other card your collector’s have ever received. If you’re close to some of the restaurants in the area and you know which one is your collector’s favorite (of course you do, you make them reservations there all the time…), then work out a deal with that restaurant to get your collectors a gift card there.

3rd Awesome Marketing and Promotional Tip: Take the time and money to make an elegant looking schedule of events for the year for your collectors.

  • Make it an amazing product, make it in such a way that they’ll never think about throwing it away. Make it a magnet they can put on their refrigerator and be reminded of their favorite artist’s event every time they open the refrigerator door. (Just an example!) Use clean, easy to read text. Use different sizes of text, bold, italics or underlines to emphasize certain information. Make it polished looking! Add small images for each artist. If you know your artist only buys paintings from one of your artists consider making schedules magnets just for that artist, it will be small and more appealing to that collector.

Try to think of new ways to get your collectors to come back into your gallery.

How does your art gallery do it?

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