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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Decorating The Gallery For Holidays

You should be decorating the gallery for the holidays! Why, though, you ask?

Yes, decorating the gallery for the holidays can be time consuming and cost money, but it’s worth it!

Really, the amount of money you spend on decorating the gallery for the holidays is up to you. This can be a few dollars for flowers, or a couple hundred to go all out. A lot of the decorations you buy, however, can be reused year after year. It’s an investment.

Sorry if this holiday talk scares you, we know it’s only barely September, but starting to think about these things early gives you time to plan parties and events and we love parties and events!

Here are our 3 reasons to decorate:

  1. If all the other retail shops and art galleries around you are being festive, you need to be too.
    People enjoy holidays. It puts them in a positive mood. It can also make your gallery stand out and you don’t want it to stand out in a bad way, so make sure to decorate!
  2. The money and time you spend on decorating can be recouped after one sale.
    It just has to draw customers or art collectors inside! That’s right, you just need one sale to be on top and make it worthwhile. Have your assistant spend an hour or two decorating.
  3. Beyond decorations, handing out free flowers, balloons, cookies, champagne, and other treats make potential collectors happy and respond to you better.
    It makes your gallery festive and fun. Play music to match any really festive moods. Make potential collectors want to spend more time inside your gallery. And it makes them want to come back because you’re the place where they enjoyed themselves and bought AMAZING artwork. 🙂

Good luck celebrating, decorating, and selling!


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