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3 Reasons To Never Drink During Work Hours In An Art Gallery

Chances are your art gallery keeps multiple bottles of wine, champagne or other types of alcohol in the back. But is it okay to drink during work hours?

Why does your gallery keep alcohol on hand? It is given to guests and collectors or kept for serving at events, right? In any of these cases is it okay for your employees to drink any of the alcohol? These bottles of alcohol were purchased with gallery money and they were intended for your guests not for your employees.  While it’s up to the owner, it can be a mistake for employees to drink during work hours for these 3 reasons:

  1. It’s unprofessional to be drinking in front of your art collectors. Art consultants are not just selling your gallery’s art, but they’re selling themselves, convincing potential collectors that they’re professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable, but if they see your employees drinking, they won’t look like any of those.
  2. It puts pressure on the owner or art director to make sure their employees aren’t drinking to excess. Even with only one glass of alcohol it takes your art consultants off their game. You’ve worked so hard to create great events, but if your art consultants don’t have their minds clear and ready to sell, all that work was for nothing.
  3. It could detract from work or make their work sloppy. If your art consultants drink alcohol while at work at an event, it could make them slower on their feet and slower in thinking. Art galleries are fast paced, you’re dealing with multiple potential collectors at once and you have to be quick and sharp to handle them appropriately and gain multiple sales. You have to almost race around. You’re collecting and moving artwork to the viewing room constantly and if you drink you might bump into something fragile or chip a painting. Or you may not notice when one of your guests, who has been drinking, is about to trip and fall into a sculpture or is about to touch a painting.

Allowing your employees to drink during work hours could set a bad precedent, it could result in lost sales, and it could damage your gallery reputation. It could also result in other negative side effects like letting your employees drive home inebriated. Consider your policy regarding this issue go over it at your next meeting.

Does your art gallery let employees drink during work hours? How does that work out?



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