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3 Times When It Is Okay To Turn Potential Customers Away

Is it ever okay to turn potential customers away? Yes!

But when? In what situations is it okay to turn potential customers away and lose those sales?

There aren’t many reasons to turn a potential collector away and let them walk out that door. But there are a few. Here are 3 types of customers that you should let walk away:

1. They’re flat out rude and disrespectful. You’ve been nothing but polite and helpful, but they’re treating you wrongly. Any good owner or art director will tell their sales consultants that their gallery does not need these people’s money if they’re going to be asshats.

2. The type of artwork you sell doesn’t fit with your visitors. Instead of trying and pressure a person to spend ten minutes listening to what you say about a piece of artwork that they might think is pretty, find out what they’re looking for and if you know that a gallery down the block from you specializes in that type of artwork, direct those visitors there. You’re politeness will be remembered, maybe those visitors have friends they know that would love your artwork. Always try to help people find the right art for them.

3. You have potential collectors that are just legitimately not ready to buy. You’ve exhausted every objection, but they can’t commit. That’s okay. Let them walk around. Encourage them to look at other galleries, it will show them that you have confidence that your artwork is better. They’ll come back in a few days.

These are perfectly acceptable reasons to let people walk out that gallery door. Don’t stress about them and instead learn how to spot them and take the right course of action.

Good luck!

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