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3 Tips For Developing Your Sales Pitch For People Who Don’t Like To “Sell”

Learning how to give a sales pitch doesn’t have to be hard. It’s difficult to put yourself out there and tell yourself you’re going to sell every painting you put bring back to the viewing room, but you can learn and make it a habit.

Part of the problem may be that you’re focusing on the term “sales.” That might not fit with your personality, but you’re perspective on selling is going to influence how much you sell. Here’s how to get into the sales pitch mindset:

At your fine art gallery, you should have a training guide that you follow in order to sell the way your gallery wants you to sell, but every art consultant’s sales pitch is still going to be slightly different. Some are going to go right into “sales mode” and that might work for them. But for you, are you uncomfortable with the idea of selling to everyone? What if you worded it in your head differently? Could you wrap your mind around helping everyone find the perfect product for them? Here are 3 tips to think about when developing your sales pitch:

  1. Who is your customer? Are they new to art collecting or are they a seasoned veteran? Did they come here today with an open mind about buying artwork? What kind of personality do they have? Have you listened to what they have to say?
  2. Figure out what your customer needs.¬†Your job is to help them. Remember that, you’re not selling, you’re helping. Your art collector needs a piece of artwork that is going to make him or her very happy. It’s going to fill a blank space in their home. It’s going to remind them of a vacation they love taking. Something in the painting is going to represent a part of their family. They’re looking for a gift. (Now you know what they want.)
  3. How does that painting or sculpture you have fill that need? Are they in love with the artwork? Is it the right colors, the right size, the right subject matter, and the right price? Are they impressed with the artist?

You know your product inside and out. You know how it can help different types of customers. These art collectors are there in your viewing room because they think you have something they might want.

How did your art gallery sales consultants overcome this fear of selling?



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