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3 Ways To Win The Sale Before Your Customer Walks Through The Door

3 ways to win the sale before your customer walks through the door? But how?

Does that sound impossible? How can you win the sale before you even have a customer?

Well, the sale can be made or lost every before you see any customers. That’s because it’s all a mindset. Winning is a mindset. But so is losing! How can you set your mind’s dial to win the sale? And what are some good qualities of sales consultants?

  1. Know and act like the sale is already a done deal long before it every starts.
    Know with certainty that that next visitor that walks in will walk out with some of your artwork. Confidence is the first step to a successful sale.
  2. Visualize the successful outcome.
    See your visitors turn into art collectors. Visualize them falling in love with the artwork, signing the invoice, and walking out with all those pieces wrapped up and in their arms. If you can’t picture this, how can your potential collectors?
  3. Never make it a question of whether or not your potential collectors are going to buy art work from you, it’s more about which art pieces are they going to buy.
    Act confident that the sale has already gone through and it will be contagious. Your potential collectors will share that same sentiment. There’s something in your gallery for almost everyone, find out which pieces belong to whom.
Now, you’ll have the winning mindset to close all those sales. It might be tough at first to visualize closing every sale with every person that walks into your gallery, but after your first success, the rest will seem like a piece of cake. And they’ll add up fast!



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