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3 Words That Kill Sales Every Time

These are 3 words that kill sales every time! Learn what to say instead…

Avoid these 3 words that kill sales and start closing every sale instead.

When you’re in your viewing room with your potential collectors and you’re showing him and her the lighting on the artwork, and describing the artist, and you’re getting close to the sale, what are some words that could instantly kill that sale for you?¬†

They’re probably the same 3 words that kill sales for us, too.

“Purchasing.” “Buying.” “Selling/Sale.” These are words to avoid at all costs!

But why?

They make people acutely aware of the transaction, and focus on the act of buying, and spending money and that’s the last thing you want to do!

Whereas, if you were to say, “acquiring,” then that removes all of the business aspect of the transaction, making it seem like a much more enjoyable process!

Solutions! Here are some alternative retail selling phrases that help close sales!

“Would you like to acquire this painting?” Or “You could own this painting today.” And “If you were to acquire this painting, where in your home or office would you put it?” So much friendlier to say that instead of, “If you were to buy this painting, where would you hang it?” That sounds pushy and puts a lot of pressure on the collector.

Good luck selling!



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