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5 Art Gallery Advertising Tips That WILL Increase Foot Traffic

These are 5 solid art gallery advertising tips that you need to know about before you invest one more cent in marketing and promotional materials.

Most art galleries invest a lot of money into buying space in catalogs, brochures and magazines to advertise. But is your ad worth it? 

Are you maximizing all the advertising techniques you could to bring in more traffic and leads into your gallery? What catches the public’s attention and drives them to want to go out of their way to step foot in your art gallery?

Here are 5 art gallery advertising tips to not only help your advertisement be the best it can be, but to increase foot traffic and possibly drive sales:

  1. If you’re promoting artwork, then that artwork needs to be front and center and looking the best it can.
    Use high-resolution photographs, double-check the lighting, make sure it’s clean and straight, and then edit it in Photoshop.

  2. What colors are eye catching? What will stop your potential collectors in their tracks and make them want to drop what they planned on doing and come into the gallery?
    Red is the most eye catching color there is. Check the competing advertisements you’re going against and try not to use similar colors or arrangements. Choose your best works. What type of artwork consistently sells? Use a very large image of that painting or sculpture as the focal point of your ad.

  3. Make sure your copy is clean and flowing and that it sells. The writing must sell, too!
    Simply put, black writing in an easy to read font, on a white background is the easiest to read. Make sure the text flows around the photos and keeps your eyes going through the entire advertisement so that you get the most out of your money. Dense blocks of texts are hard to read. Make sure your copy sells your products and draws the reader’s interest. Readers don’t want to see long sentences full of jargon. Mix up your sentences. Make some short. Use headlines. Move the text around the page. Use bold fonts.

    Then figure out what content will sell. What amazing thing has your artist done lately? Has their artwork been in a new, popular movie? Has your artist won a new prestigious award for their artwork? Figure out what SELLS their art. Most likely, it will actually be something you’ve already implemented into your sales spiel.

  4. Simpler is better. Keep out the clutter. Edit. Edit. Edit.
    If you’re not sure if you should add something to your ad, don’t. Highlight the artwork. Add the special, catchy headline. A little bit of body copy. And include all of your gallery’s contact information.

  5. How do you sell a product in advertising with just copywriting? Promise something.
    Writing is an art and it can be an incredible tool for selling. Add some mystery, some intrigue, something to discover. Make your reader want to know more. Then the art, once they’re in the gallery will help close the sale, but first you have to get them there. For example, if your artist uses a unique medium that’s never been used before, touch on that, but don’t give your reader everything. Make them feel the need to come into the gallery and ask questions or to see it in person.

We hope you found these 5 art gallery advertising tips helpful. Learning how to create amazing advertisements that sell is a huge industry, one that is always changing, and always has room to grow and improve. If you can master advertising, your fine art gallery will generate a lot more foot traffic, bringing in not just anyone, but quality customers. 



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