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5 Habits That Are Huge Social Mistakes In Sales

There’s nothing worse than realizing days later that maybe you made huge social mistakes in sales! 

Or maybe you haven’t even realized yet the possibility that you’re making huge social mistakes in sales. How worrying!

What might be one indication that your habits are bad for sales? You’re not landing as many sales as you think you should be!

Selling is all about being able to effectively communicate with strangers, so it’s no wonder that a lot of people feel like they can’t be successful at this type of job. But it’s not about talent, it’s about learning skills. If you can pinpoint the social mistakes in sales that you’re making you can make progress toward becoming a more effective salesperson.

Here are 5 bad habits to look out:

  1. You make others uncomfortable because you’re so lost in telling your own stories or asking too probing of questions to see the facial reactions and body language on the other person. You can fix this with simple eye contact.
  2. You don’t talk about subjects that are safe. These subjects include: family, work, hobbies, and travelling. Subjects to avoid are religion and politics. Basically, anything where people hold stern points of view and want to hear that you share their point of view.
  3. You interrupt customers. Let them say everything they want to say. Don’t wait to talk. Be the person that listens the majority of the time. And really listen. You’ll find that it’s so much easier to think of follow up questions if you actually listen to the story. If you ignore the other person’s story to focus on trying to come up with follow up question you’ll kill the mood. The other person will realize in less than two seconds that you had not been listening to a word they had said. Let the conversation flow naturally, don’t force it. Silence and pauses intermittently are pretty normal.
  4. When you do talk, you talk about yourself. Spend the time getting to know the other person. Don’t drone on about yourself. If they ask you a question, however, give a brief, but interesting answer that gives them insight into who you are. (See #2 again on safe subjects to talk about!)
  5. Don’t bring up your own insecurities. This will make others incredibly uncomfortable. It’s an instant conversation killer. Talk about your passions and interests instead. Or ask others about theirs and focus on them and who they really are and bring it back around to the product field you’re trying to sell!
Retail selling isn’t a talent, it’s learned. Learn how to better sell artwork, cars, cheese, programs, or anything else by learning from your mistakes and bettering yourself through excessive reading and studying!



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