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5 Reasons You Should Buy A Projector For Your Fine Art Gallery

How can a projector be useful, or at least useful enough to warrant purchasing one?!

Are wondering why your art gallery needs a projector?

Here are 5 great reasons you need a projector and why you should buy one:

  1. You should be showing videos at all your events on a large screen in your gallery. You could decide one evening you want to generate more traffic even if you don’t have an event planned. You could buy drinks and hor de oeuvres, play great music over the speaks, and set up an artist’s video late one evening. Or you could plan a few days in advance and set up one of your artists in the front window painting live underneath the video. There are so many options.
  2. If you do #1 and place the video in the front of your gallery at night, then this will attract a lot of foot traffic into your gallery. It will make your gallery stand out from all the others as the place to visit. It’s eye catching and flashy. It’s modern and makes you develop awesome videos or slideshows to show.
  3. You can adjust the size of the screen to fit any wall in the gallery. If you have tall ceilings, you could make this video huge and really impressive. Set it up with a laptop and hook up the sound to play music.
  4. It’s an effective tool to teach visitors and art collectors about your artists. It’s a real untapped method, so you’ll be one of the very few doing it. There’s a reason videos are generally more popular than text, people love to watch things more than read them. And it’s a heck of lot more interesting and less pressure than a sales consultant. It introduces them to the art and style of the artist and sets up the sale. Interested collectors will come to you with further questions, easing them into the sale better.
  5. It’s a ripoff to rent a projector. They’re quick and easy to set up and if you go ahead and buy one, you’re set for the following years to come. You’ll make your money back in less than a year by choosing to purchase one.
Can you think of other ways to use a projector inside your retail business or art gallery?



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