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5 Things Every Sales Consultant Should Know About Their Product

What are the 5 things a sales consultant should know about their products?

A sales consultant should know their product inside and out, but let’s talk about the basics!

Are you prepared for every detailed question you could get when you’re trying to sell your art collectors a piece of artwork? Say you want to sell that modern abstract painting. Do you know it inside and out and can list the qualities in your sleep? Are you an expert? No? Not yet? Here are 5 things a sales consultant should¬†know before you step onto the sales floor again:

  1. Materials: Do you know every tool and material used in this painting? How many brushes were used? What types? Do you know which ones were used where and why? What kind of paint was used? Oil? What brand? Is it the highest quality? What kind of canvas. Was it bought at a store of custom made a professional shop just for them. How thick is it? Why is it that thick? What is the quality of the varnish? Will it make the painting last forever? What went through your mind or your artist’s mind when they picked the frame they did? Why does it compliment this painting?
  2. Technique: Do you know exactly how that modern abstract painting was made? Do you know how they layered their paint? Why they mixed the colors they did and what was the amazing result? What is the technique they used called? Is it unique to them? What does it do in the light?
  3. History: What is the history of this technique? Who made modern abstract paintings famous? Who inspired your artist? What are the perks of this style vs. other styles (ex. more traditional paintings)? What types of houses/personalities does this style fit?
  4. Designer/Artist: Who is the artist? Where are they from? How long have they been painting? What made them want to paint? How did they develop this particular technique? How is it unique to them? What awards has this technique brought them? Why are their paintings worth so much? Who are their famous or notable collectors? Build up the value.
  5. Showcasing/Use: Are there tricks to hanging this painting? Can it take a wall on its own? Does it need to be around other pieces of art? Does your art collector have to buy new lighting? Does the painting have to be hung up by a window?
Now you’re an expert. Step out onto that sales floor with confidence. There is no question you can’t answer.


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