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7 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress And Be More Productive

Want to learn 7 simple, easy ways to reduce stress and be more productive?

Or better yet, want to learn 7 ways to teach your employees how to reduce stress and be more productive? What could be better for business? They could close more sales!

Stress can be a huge deterrent to productivity inside the art gallery. Your art consultant might be close to their monthly sales goal, but stress is getting in the way of making those last few sales. Here are 7 ways to easily reduce your stress and be more productive and get back to completing your goals:

  1. If you think you’re going to fail, you’re right. Having the right attitude is the first step. Believe in yourself. Teach your employees confidence!
  2. Prioritize. Is what you’re stressing about really worth the pain and stomach ache? Figure out what really needs attention and focus on chipping away at that.
  3. Break down your goals and assignments into pieces. Take breaks and reward yourself after each success. Need to complete a big task in a short amount of time? Take the task apart. Break into into 4-5 tasks and give yourself 20-30 minutes each to finish each part. Then take a small break. You’ll be done in no time! Focus on your goals!
  4. Form habits and don’t procrastinate. The longer you wait to do things, the more stuff you’ll have on your plate. If you make it a habit to do the work as it comes, you’ll always be ahead of the game. And you’ll never feel stressed.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if it’s a particularly difficult task. Be an approachable manager! Make your employees feel like they can ask you questions so that they can get clarification and go back to being productive team members!
  6. Keep organized. Learn organization skills. Keeping your work environment clear of clutter will help keep your mind clear, too.
  7. Delegate tasks to your teammates. If you’re part of a team and you have a particularly heavy load, don’t be afraid to assign others to do pieces and help complete the work.
Get back to completing your goals. Don’t let a little stress grow into a lot.



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