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7 Reasons Every Artist Should Sell In An Art Gallery

Are you wondering why an artist should sell in an art gallery?

Why is it so beneficial? An artist should sell in an art gallery for so many reasons. What if will they miss out on if they don’t? Hint, they will miss out on a lot! 

Here are the top 7 reasons why every artist should sell in an art gallery!

  1. Art galleries are in every major city and on streets that generate a lot of foot traffic and visitors.
    They’re generally in more touristy and big business areas that see a lot of wealthier people. Tourists and locals alike flock to art galleries, especially since they usually hold 1-2 events a month!
  2. Art galleries specialize in selling art.
    It’s there only job and they excel at it. Whereas artists who aren’t business saavy should and want to remain inside their studios. And they should stick to their studios! The best part of being an artist is creating art, not selling your own work! 
  3. There is no monetary obligation to give the art gallery.
    At least there shouldn’t be. No real reputable gallery will charge you. They should only work on commission, otherwise what incentive do they have to sell your artwork?! Artists give them work on consignment and art galleries keep displaying their artwork as long as it sells and makes them money.
  4. Art galleries will market and promote their artists at no cost to the artist.
    They will pay for events and bring in their collector base to meet with artists.
  5. Art galleries have the capacity to sell across the country and even the world.
    A lot of fine art galleries specialize in shipping internationally to a wider customer base. 
  6. Art galleries will display your artwork better than an artist ever can.
    They have the money, equipment and know how to display artwork. 
  7. Art galleries are sales experts and can sell and commission multiple pieces of their artist’s artwork on their behalf.
    Art galleries are constantly training in sales techniques. They’re always learning and changing and getting better at the sales aspect of the art world so that their artists can focus on creating art!


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