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Add-On Sales, How To Double Or Triple Your Profit

Interested in doubling or even tripling your art sales? Try this easy sales tactic: the add-on sales!

It’s a real thrill to be working with potential collectors inside the viewing room. You know with every second you’re getting closer to making that sale, selling that painting on that viewing room table or easel. But what if you could ADD-ON sales and upsell them on multiple pieces of artwork every time you took someone back to that viewing room.

Add-on sales would be doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your sales totals.

Many first time art collectors are weary of spending too much money. This is why making that trust sale is so important. Then when your first time collectors become repeat collectors, only looking and considering one art piece at a time will no longer be an issue. But a lot of first time collectors only need a little nudge to get them to consider more than one piece of artwork. There are many ways to go about this as a sales consultant.

While you’re in your viewing room with your potential collectors looking at a certain painting there are certain questions you should ask them before working the add-on.

Ask: “If you acquired this painting, are there multiple places you could hang it?” not “If you acquired this painting, where would you hang it?” The second question limits there answer. They’ll think about it and only give you one answer, but that’s not what you want to find out. You want to know if they have multiple free walls for multiple pieces of artwork! The first question will tell you that!

Second, you want to find out if there were any other paintings in the gallery that they liked. You might be looking at an abstract at the moment in the viewing room. They might be sold on that one already, but they might also be interested in that landscape in the front. Make sure you find each and every painting they enjoyed and bring them back to show them.

Now you have multiple paintings back in the viewing room and you know they love at least two of them. Ask, “Which ones are your favorites.” PLURAL! Avoid asking which one. Always make it plural. Get them in the mindset of acquiring multiple pieces.

Maybe they have a wall they’re trying to fill and there’s a table underneath it. Make suggestions, bring sculpture back to the viewing room to show how a lot of the artwork in your gallery is complimentary. Build a picture in your potential collectors’ mind. Get them excited.

If they’re uneasy about buying multiple pieces of artwork, offer them a complimentary gift if they buy more than one piece. Or offer a small discount if they like two or more.

And you’ve just turned the sale of one piece of artwork into the sale of multiple pieces of artwork by discovering how to do a simple add-on deal.



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