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How Artists Can Help Their Gallery Sell More Of Their Art

What artists do outside the art gallery can influence their success inside the art gallery! So, how can artists help their gallery sell more of their art.

They can help their gallery sell more of their art by doing and thinking about the following self-marketing and promotion. 

Galleries work hard to market and sell their artist’s artwork inside their fine art gallery. Sure the artists work hard to constantly provide them with fresh artwork, but is there something more they can do?

Should they constantly stay inside their studio and at work painting or sculpting or should they be out promoting themselves? A lot of artists are introverted, but successful artists know that, despite not wanting to put themselves out there, it’s a key part to growing and gaining success in the art world (i.e. helping their gallery sell more!).

If an artist can constantly participate in new, enriching, award-winning events, then their art gallery will always have exciting new things to say about them to art collectors, creating new sales opportunities.

What types of events, then, can artists participate in to keep them on top of the art world? Artists could enter world-class art expos (galleries could help them and participate as a gallery exhibitor), they could enter art competitions and try for awards and recognition, they could try to get articles published about themselves (A publicist could help with that if need be), and they could get involved in charity work or community projects.

Artists should want to constantly improve their image and grow their reputation. The best way is to stay active in the art community. This is important both online and in person. They should be looking to find ways to grow and improve their website and social media presence.

The internet is a strange game, while it won’t necessarily help you sell more, not having a website or social media presence may actually hurt artists and their sales.

Art galleries are in a unique position to help their artists. They can help them gain recognition and grow their success if they work as a team!


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