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Why Artists Make Successful Art Gallery Owners

Why do artists make successful art gallery owners?

If you look closely at art galleries you may notice that the owners of them are often times to main featured artist as well. It’s because artists make successful art gallery owners. But, why is that?

Think of it in terms of money and it will be very clear why artists make successful art gallery owners.

Think about every sale that goes through the gallery. The artist gets 50%, yes? That leaves 50% for the gallery. The gallery owner then has to pay their art consultant 5%-10% commission. Then they have to pay rent that’s probably at least 10% of all sales. Probably more if you factor in general gallery upkeep or maintenance. Together those two deductions mean the gallery owner is only taking around 30% or less profit from every sale.

Now consider if the owner was also the main artist. The artist takes in 50% of all sales. The gallery owner takes in 30% of all sales. Together, if they’re the same person, they’re making 80% profit on their sales. Yes, it’s true that the owner of the gallery most likely won’t be the only artist featured, but they will be the main one, the most successful one in the end.

This is why many successful artists will pull their work from their previous galleries to open their own galleries. If they have any business sense, they will want to run their own gallery and keep more of the profits!


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