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Should Artists Work At An Art Gallery?

Should artists work at an art gallery?

Yes? Why should artists work at an art gallery? How can it help them?

  • Are you trying to start a career in art?
  • Do you want to grow to be a famous artist featured at numerous fine art galleries?
  • How do you get into art galleries?
  • How many pieces are expected from you?
  • How do you act at events to get more people interested in your work?

These are great questions that all artists just starting out want answered.

These questions can be easily answered by working in an art gallery. Apply to galleries that you enjoy. One’s where you can picture your art hanging on their walls. Work as an art consultant. Learn how to sell other people’s artwork. Then apply that to how you would sell your own. Maybe you’re amazing at selling and the art gallery isn’t even the right place for you! Do you love talking about your art? Then shows are a better fit for you. If you know how to talk about your art and you know how to sell your own art, then why would you want to split the profits with an art gallery when you could keep all the profits for yourself?

While working as an art consultant, take the time to learn what it takes to get artwork into that particular gallery.
Maybe it’s the right fit for your art and you don’t have to do anything to it. There are two ways to get into an art gallery. The first is having the right artwork for that particular gallery. The second best way is to know someone on the inside to get you in. Work in the gallery for a while before even considering bringing up introducing your art.

Take the opportunity while working at your gallery to pick your Art Gallery Director’s brain.
What do they want from their artists? What is their ideal artist? How much artwork do they expect their artists to produce in a year? How many shows do they expect their artists to do? While working as an art consultant at these shows, you have the insider’s opportunity to see how successful artists conduct themselves at their shows. How do they talk about themselves to collectors?

You may only decide to work at the gallery for a few years, but it may be just what your career as an artist needs to become successful.
Being an artist doesn’t just mean sitting in your studio all day painting anymore. You have to be your own businessperson too. Everyone is different, so, it’s really up to you guys to ask yourselves, should artists work in an art gallery?¬†


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