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How To Be Better At Customer Service

How to be better at customer service? How can you help your customers without being overbearing and making them feel uncomfortable?

This article discusses ways to be better at customer service, so that you can increase your sales!

You might be in sales, but even you hate it when you walk into a store and feel like the sales consultant or store clerk is breathing down your neck. “How can I help you,” they ask. “I’m just browsing,” you say. This makes you want to walk to the other side of the store to get away from them, right? But you have a similar responsibility as a sales consultant at the art gallery to help potential clients. How can you be better at customer service without starting off on the wrong foot?

This is quite simple. After you greet visitors, and they respond with body language that says, “I don’t need help or small talk right now,” you back off. Give them the one sentence spiel that describes your gallery and then set them loose. That’s your first step to being a better sales consultant.

But stay close. If they’re buy the desk, work on papers at the desk. If they’re in the back room work on shipping near the back. If they’re in the middle, dust some nearby paintings. Do some work around the gallery casually, but don’t hover. If at any point you think they might have a question let them know that you don’t like to hover, but if they have any questions let you know.

Or offer them a drink, a bottle of water, if you think they might be serious art buyers. Make them comfortable around you. Offer a compliment on their appearance in passing if it works.

Make your presence known, but back off and give them the space they need to make the personal decision of figuring out what artwork they like! Then when you think they’ve had enough time, step in and offer more information. They already like some of the artwork if they’re sticking around so you’re job is just to help them fall in love with it. (And help them take it home!)

Good luck!

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