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How To Build Better Customer Relationships

Build better customer relationships with your art gallery collectors.

Sure, it may take time, but check out ALL the benefits of building better customer relationships.

First and foremost, building better customer relationships with your art collectors will increase future sales. Loyalty goes a long way in retail.

Your fine art gallery is in a top art district and faces a lot of steep competition. It’s no longer enough to just sell great art, you have to build a brand that brings your art collectors back to you, back to buying artwork for your gallery and not the 100s of others down the street. Building a company is straightforward, but building a brand is much harder. It takes a lot of effort to maintain and grow. What can your company do to win repeated business from your collectors using the brand you developed?

You should consider thanking your best customers. Let your top art collectors know how much you appreciate their business. Your thank you does not have to be a literal “thank you.” Consider randomly sending your top art collectors small gifts to show your appreciation. Keep your art gallery at on the surface of their minds. Make these gifts personalized. You could send cookies, but if it doesn’t have a hand written note under your gallery logo, they won’t understand what it’s for. Plus, nothing sounds sweeter than seeing your own name handwritten (your collectors will love it).

Take it further. Take the time to write an extensive handwritten card to your top collectors. Nowadays every company spams their customers with emails. No one takes the time to think about who their customers are. Use your database full of information you stored on every customer to send well thought out and personalized had written notes. It might take you a few days to do this, but if it results in tens of thousands in sales, it would be worth your time, right? Send you collectors cards on their wedding anniversaries and birthdays. Ask how they’re kids, Suzie and Alex, are doing. They’ll be impressed that you cared enough to remember their family. You’ll put your company far and away in front of the competition.

This builds your brand recognition. But what’s setting you apart is your customer service. Your customers will repeatedly come back to your gallery for the art and stay for the experience.


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