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How To Build A Professional Friendship With Repeat Collectors

Wondering how you can build a professional friendship with your art collectors?

Repeat art collectors will become some of your favorite people. They love your fine art gallery, your artwork and your customer service. They provide a large chunk of your gallery revenue. So how do you make the most out of their next visit and turn that acquaintance into a professional friendship?

You want to make every experience they have at your gallery better than the last. You want to make them feel like friends, if not family. You want them to thoroughly enjoy every visit they have so that they’ll continue to come back month after month. You want a professional friendship…

The biggest thing to note, however, is that the focus of these visits is not sales.

Even if you run a high-end suit store, make your customers feel they can stop in for a drink and small talk without the pressure to buy! This will keep them returning and eventually make those sales at their pace, when they’re ready!

How do you make this visit pleasant? Offer to chat before they even start looking at the artwork. Offer a coffee, espresso or glass of wine and a seat at the desk with you. Find out how they’ve been doing and where they hung the last pieces of artwork they bought. Ask them questions and let them talk about themselves. Then inform them about how the gallery has been, tell them great stories, let them know that that giant 4 by 6 foot painting on the back wall sold three days ago. Tell them about the newest artwork that just arrived and what recent awards your collector’s favorite artist just received.

Then let them go and look at the artwork. Maybe they’ll tell you they’re looking for something for their wife’s birthday. And then you can help them find that next perfect piece.

Think of creative ways to make your repeat collector’s next visit even more fun that the last one. Maybe you could give them a special gift at the next event, something signed by their artist. Think of ideas at your next gallery meeting.

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