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3 Ways To Make Your Business Cards More Effective

You hand out a dozen business cards a day, so are you making the most out of it?

Everyone and their mother hands out business cards nowadays and chances are yours either are tossed or thrown into a pile with a hundred others and used as a post-it note. Is it a waste of money? 

If you’re not taking advantage of these 3 things then the answer is probably yes, yes those business cards are a waste of money! So get the most out of this simple, easy to make, and cheap to print promotional item!

Here are 3 ways to make your business cards stand out and work for you:

  1. What’s the most memorable thing about your art gallery? Is it the appearance? Is it a certain artist’s work? Putting an image of the front of your gallery or of one of your main artist’s paintings will make your gallery stand out from the twenty other galleries people visited that day. They’ll look at your business cards and be reminded instantly of where they were when they received it.
  2. Make sure you business card’s style is representative of your gallery. If you have a modern gallery, your business card should look simple, clean and modern. If you have a traditional gallery, it should represent that as well, with a classic font and natural colors.
  3. Does your business card have all the important information anyone could want or need? Does it have your location, hours, contact information, phone, email, and website? Is it easy to find and large enough to actually get people to see it and take action?

Are you handing out your business cards by themselves or are you handing them out with other information? If you have potential leads in your gallery and you know they love a certain artist, then staple your business card to that artist’s biography, brochure, or event flyer. Make the most of a lead’s visit to your gallery!

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