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Can Introverts Learn How To Sell And Make Strong Customer Connections?

Can introverts learn how to sell and make those strong customer connections extroverts are so great at?

You bet! Introverts can be great at sales if not better than extroverts! They just have to learn the tricks! How can introverts learn how to sell and make strong customer connections then?

Inside the gallery sales consultants follow a pretty strict set of steps that lead them to sales. Sales consultants are actors. They put on a role and a speech to gain sales. It doesn’t matter if they’re extroverted or introverted, they can learn sales all the same. The problem is outside the gallery, when they’re normal people. This may be where extroverts succeed better than introverts. 

Outside the gallery, an extrovert is still talking to people developing relationships and business contacts. Introverts probably head home and take some solitary time for themselves as being sociable can be exhausting. And when they do go out they keep to their small group of friends.

Instead, what they should get in the habit of doing is talking to those around them. Introverts should start opening up and meeting other people when they’re out and about in town. If you’re at a play, try talking to the person next to you. Ask them questions. Find out who they are. Maybe they know the lead actor. You talk some more. You’re friendly. They invite you backstage to meet the cast. Cool, right? It’s possible. It just takes a few minutes of being sociable and friendly.

This teaches you how to follow along a conversation, show genuine interest, and take a part pieces and inquire further with leading questions.

If you show interest in other people, they’ll show interest in you. Maybe they’ll be interested in your work at the art gallery. Who wouldn’t be interested? Most people love fine art. It’s a beautiful luxury. Boom. You’ve just made a new connection. Leave your business card with them and they’ll think of you next time they need to fill a blank wall.

Extroverts might find this easier or be better at this, but even they  don’t realize how beneficial following this little trick to meeting new people maybe. A lot of people don’t take advantage of the connections they could build at every turn.

Even if it doesn’t result in a sale, it’s great practice for being able to hold a great conversation, something every potential art collector will appreciate.

It’s far from impossible for an introvert to learn how to sell and make strong customer connections! It’s just a series or tricks of the trade that are really quite simple. 



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