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Importance Of Artists’ Certificate Of Authenticity

Here’s why your artists should create a certificate of authenticity for all their artwork.

When your gallery collectors purchase a piece of artworks that’s worth well into the thousands of dollars, they’re not just buying it because they love it, although that’s a major reason, they’re also buying it because it’s an investment. Even if they never plan on selling it, it’s an investment. Their artwork is worth a lot and they want to be provided assurances. One such assurance is a certificate of authenticity.

It’s a unique piece of paper that is not easily replicated and provides basic information about the painting or piece of artwork that they purchased. It helps maintain a resale value. It shows that it was purchased from a reputable and professional location. It shows that the artist is a professional.

It can help your collectors when they inquire about insurance. Any avid art collector will require that their artwork comes along with a certificate of authenticity so it is important to have them ready. They should be protected in a clear plastic and delivered or shipped alongside the painting.

Help your artists and your gallery stay on top of this by keeping a certificate of authenticity with every painting inside the gallery.



One thought on “Importance Of Artists’ Certificate Of Authenticity

  1. I had no idea that such a little piece of paper could have such a huge effect on resale value. I mean, I know you want to verify that a piece of art is actually what it says it is, but a little piece of paper seems an interesting way to verify that. I guess next time I’m buying art, I’ll have to make sure I get the right certificate of authenticity, just in case I ever want to resell it. Thanks for sharing!

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