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How To Close More Sales: Don’t Beg!

Everyone will give you different advice on how to close more sales.

Some sales advice in books out there will go as far as telling you to close more sales you have to beg on your hands and knees if you feel like it’s within your grasp.

Don’t get us wrong, you should ask for the sale at the end of your pitch inside your gallery’s viewing room to close more sales, but that is far different from begging.

Begging is the worst advice, but time and time again it appears in sales training guides. It teaches you how to go about giving a sales pitch all wrong. It sends the opposite message that you want out there. When you sell to your collectors, you’re doing them a service by giving them the opportunity to acquire an amazing product. They shouldn’t be doing you a service (in their mind’s, anyways…).

If you beg them for the sale in any way, you’re telling them that this sale is about you and not the product. The product must not be worth it if you can’t convince them of its value. It means your sales pitch wasn’t strong enough. You didn’t help them overcome all their objections. You didn’t sell them…

If you know that your potential collector only has one objection then think about what the objection is and consider if it’s acceptable. If you collector says, “I’ll need to bring my wife back with me,” or something like that, then take this as the truth. Begging will only make your collectors pity you and that’s not the professional relationship you want to build. Some people truly do need time to process buying something expensive and high-end.

What To Say?

Again, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t ask for the sale. Always be clear about closing those sales respectfully. Try, “Which ones would you like to acquire today?” Or, “Do we have a deal?” A favorite of ours is, “If I can meet your price, will that be a card in hand?” Or something to that extent so that you’re both on equal footing.

Also, remember that begging and nudging are different. Begging is pleading, nudging is giving your collector a push to buy your product now. If your collector is slightly hesitant to commit, give them permission to buy, give them a small nudge, like “You’ve earned it.” Or, try offering them a small incentive like a complimentary artist’s book. Sometimes, a small >$50 gift is all it takes to close that multi-thousand dollar sale!

Good luck!



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