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Why Collecting Testimonials From Art Collectors Is Critical To Success

Why testimonials?

Think about the last time you bought something. Did you at any time before or after the sale check the company’s reviews? Did you reach out to any of your friends on social media for feedback?

At some point or other, you probably did. It’s in peoples’ nature now to google companies and see what other people are saying about them or ask what other people think. Whether it’s through their website, Yelp or social media, testimonial reviews play an important role in the selling game.

Check some of the retail websites you like to visit frequently and search their homepage, chances are testimonials are on the front page and easy to see, you just never really paid any attention before.

It’s more than just making sure your company doesn’t have bad reviews.

People look to see if a lot of people are buying from them. A large amount of testimonials mean that a company is doing well and is successful. A large number of positive reviews mean that they’re not only successful, but have fantastic customer service to top it off. Testimonials are real people. They appeal to the buyer. They come from similar backgrounds as the buyers and share similar stories and opinions. Testimonials are trustworthy.

Collecting and showcasing all of your testimonials on your fine art gallery’s website is a great way to impress future or repeat collectors.

How can you go about this? There are two ways.

  1. One is to stay in close contact with your collectors and ask, through follow up emails what they thought about the experience, if they could send in photos of their artwork installed in their home, and if they need anything else.
    • If you’re polite they’ll respond with great quotable lines that you can use on your website along with a photo to show the artwork in its new happy home.
  2. A second way you could do this, if you don’t want to directly ask them for their thoughts on the experience would be send a more formalized survey with the same basic questions.
    • This is less personal however and probably won’t receive as strong remarks as if you sent a more friendly request in the body of an email. But if you’re extremely busy and don’t have the time to write out every email, a template will save time and get similar results.

Testimonials are an incredible sales tool.

Who loves your product more than those that bought it and use it or see it daily?

  • You could dedicate a slideshow of positive reviews on your gallery’s homepage.
  • You could also create a page just for reviews.
  • Use testimonials your testimonials when you promote on social media. If you sell your products online, place some testimonials on the order button page.
  • If you sell primarily in your brick and mortar gallery, keep a binder full of testimonials out in the open for potential collectors to flip through.
  • Keep a special list of testimonials from famous collectors.

Unlike Yelp and other review sites, on your own personal website, you control the content and that’s what marketing is all about. Controlling what other people see. So make the most out of it. Then edit to perfection. Oh, and don’t forget to get a signed release for your testimonials.


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