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How To Convert Leads Into Sales In Your Art Gallery

Has following up with leads been tedious and time consuming and so far hasn’t netted you very many sales? Do you want to covert leads into sales?

There may be a way to help with that depending on the type of visitor you’re dealing with. Maybe you spoke to someone for a few minutes in your gallery who absolutely loves a few paintings, but is in a time crunch and has to leave. What’s the best way to follow up with leads and¬†covert leads into sales?

First, in order to convert leads into sales, before the collector leaves the gallery, let them know when you will send them a follow up email and make sure they want one.

Second, right after your potential collector leaves the gallery you want to take that informational sheet you filled out with them and add notes.

Take down as much information about him as you can. How they reacted to price? What was their favorite aspect of the painting? What were the names of all the paintings they enjoyed? Did they mention a spot they could hang or place the artwork? Maybe they loved a modern abstract painting and they said in passing that it would look great above their desk in their office.

Then, when you send them an email to follow up, which should be no more than a day or two later, let them what a pleasure it was to meet them.

Remind them about the abstract painting, who the artist was, why they loved it, and where they were thinking of hanging it. Attach images of the artwork underneath in the body of the email, with name, price, and dimensions. Attach a video if they love multiple painting. Maybe they are interested in the artist’s entire section. Let them know they can ask you any questions. If you’re doing any specials or know your having an event with that artist in a few days, create a small sense of urgency by letting them know. Open the conversation.

If they email you back and they have objections, schedule a time to talk over the phone and work through their real issues.

How does your art gallery follow up with leads and convert them into sales?



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