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Art Galleries: How To Create Artist Videos That Sell

Wondering how to make artist videos that sell?

Artist videos are becoming more and more necessary every day.

Artist videos are an amazing tool that can help close sales, energize potential collectors about their favorite artists, or draw in new foot and online traffic. Are you making the most out of your videos?

Should you make new videos?

Eye-catching videos can draw in foot traffic!

You could play artist videos in the front of your gallery to draw in traffic. You could use them as entertainment at events. You could use them as a video biography to inform the public about your artist. You could use them online to promote and sell artwork.

Interesting contact can grow online-traffic!

Social media is no longer optional nowadays for artists and art galleries. But posting online can get bland if all you do is use photos and text. Mix it up with some videos to draw in more people and get your video shared across the web! Post it to your website. Post it to YouTube.

Before you do that though, is your video worthy of being shared?

How to make a great video, you ask? Can you answer all these questions with confidence?

  • Does it show your artist at work in their studio?
  • Does it show their best pieces of artwork up close?
  • In between snippets of them working and you displaying artwork, does it show your artist talking about their work and themselves?
  • What inspires them?
  • Why do they do what they do?
  • What’s different and exciting about their work.
  • Was it recently featured in anything famous or exciting?
  • Is your artist down to earth and relatable?
  • Does your video have music?
  • Is it edited so only the best parts play?
  • How long is it? Is it interesting enough to warrant a 6 minute video?

All of these questions are things to consider when creating your artist video. How often should you update your videos? Whenever something big and exciting changes and you think people would be interested, is when.

The goal is to get people talking and to get people sharing your video.

Word of mouth is powerful and you want to promote the heck out of your artists. If your artist has 2 million views on their YouTube Video, share that and promote that. Brag about that in your advertisements. In today’s age, that sort of thing is impressive.

Good luck!


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