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How To Create Visually Stunning Table Displays In Your Art Gallery

Want to learn how to create visually stunning table displays in your art gallery?

Visually stunning table displays can generate a lot of income for an art gallery.

Would you like to break up the large room of paintings you have with a table or pedestal display full of smaller artwork or something else equally interesting? Having a mixture of wall and table and pedestal artwork can break of monotony of a space and help draw your visitor’s eyes around the room.

A couple of tables or pedestals of different sizes will also create a more dynamic space. Maybe modern shelving could help too. But what should you display? And how can you make a visually stunning table display?

It’s best to display artwork that goes together. If you have a table under a modern abstract painting, try to draw out the fantastic colors by pairing that painting with a few sculptures of similar colors. Or if you have a large enough space to display a whole collection of small artwork, place multiple pieces by the same artist that go together. Like 3 or 5 small bronze sculptures that are clearly part of the same collection. Why 3 or 5?

It’s the law of numbers. Odd numbers are more visually appealing than even numbers. A display containing 2 items looks off balance compared to a display of 3 items.

If you can, try to group pieces of the same collection together on pedestals. It will look more impressive to feature 5 sculptures by one glass artist together, rather than spacing them out and making collectors walk the entire gallery to find more of the artwork they enjoyed.

Keep mixing up your displays. Make it a point to try different pairings every other week so that when you receive repeat collectors (and you will) they’ll have a fresh new experience ever time they visit. It will keep them on their toes and make them wonder if the painting or sculpture they loved was sold. And if it was, they’ll create their own sense of urgency next time they find a piece of artwork they like.

Keep your spaces uncluttered. Don’t try to fill every nook and cranny. Keep it clean and simple. Don’t try to display ten different artists on one small table. Stick to showing 2 or 3 artists max.

With these guidelines and a little experimentation you should be able to create some killer displays that stop your collectors in their tracks.



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