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Should All Customers Be Treated Equally?

You may be surprised to learn that the answer is no. NO! Don’t treat all your customers equally, because they aren’t.

Don’t misunderstand, though. All your gallery’s collectors should be treated excellently, but some of your customers or art collectors should be treated even better.

You should go the extra mile because they could go from good customers to your best customers! You know some of your customers could make your entire month’s goals and then some with one visit to your gallery.

Let’s focus on an art gallery. You’ve taken the time to figure out who your top collectors are, what artist’s artwork they bought and when. You’ve made notes in their files about any mention of extra walls they’ve been meaning to fill. You’ve made notes indicating that they would love to see a certain kind of landscape or whatever if it ever came up. They want to be the first to know without having to ask to be the first to know.

This is why it could be very important to keep in special contact with these collectors.

You send them emails, ‘first glimpses’ into their favorite artist’s newest collections. These are photographs of the artwork while it’s still in the artist studio. No one else has seen this artwork, not even your sales consultants. Maybe you’ll sell them before they even make it to the gallery.

Think about other ways you could make these collectors know you appreciate them without outright saying it.

You could send them happy holiday cards. You could send them gifts like flowers or boxes of chocolate after a big purchase. You could send them unique signed gifts directly from their favorite artists. Think outside the box and what your budget permits.

Close down your gallery when your top collectors visit.

Give them private viewings. Treat them to champagne or wine. Go ABOVE and BEYOND to make them feel special. Make an experience out of seeing and buying art. People buy on emotion, not logic, so make the most out of it!

Keep these collectors thinking about your gallery and get them excited for the newest work coming out and when they do visit, make them feel like they are more important to you…because they are! (It’s business.)

What does your art gallery do to make your collectors feel special?


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