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What Your Desk Or Sales Counter Says About Your Retail Business

It seems like such a small detail. Why would anyone care? How can you desk or sales counter say anything about your retail business or  art gallery?

Your desk or sales counter can say a lot about your retail business or art gallery, actually. If you want it to…

It really depends on what level of organization you maintain. When you walk in a doctor’s office, you’ll notice that their desks are always high up. Why do they do this? There are multiple reasons. They have a lot of paperwork and databases they don’t want out in the open. Sometimes you’ll be working on a mailer that takes up most of the space on your desk and you don’t want everyone to have to see this!

People can work behind the desk without having the public looking over at them. It gives a sense of space between the employees and the customers. It also can raise the level of professionalism. It provides a bit of privacy, you can leave your gallery’s private database up and running without worrying that the public might look over and see a collector’s name and address listed.

Of course, your art consultants should be able to see over the desk. But it should also be high enough to hide whatever it is they’re working on. Placing the desk in the corner helps. Placing the desk away from the entrance of your art gallery also helps. It can be difficult to walk into a retail shop when you can see someone staring at you from the entrance.

Also, what you display on your desk can make it inviting or the opposite. A vase of flowers and some sculptures or retail items can make it inviting. If you have piles of papers on your desk people will stay away because they don’t want to disrupt your disorganized workflow.

These are all things you can think about when designing your art gallery space.



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