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Don’t Host That Event At Your Art Gallery!

Someone approached you with an idea for an event at your art gallery, should you host it? Does it sound cool? 

All kinds of people may approach you, wishing to use your gallery as the location for their event. But you can’t give in. Don’t host an event at your art gallery just because it seems fun.

It will always be a case by case decision, but the benefits of hosting a variety of events can be enormous. You most likely won’t want to rent your gallery for free to someone who wants to have a personal party, but other events could bring in potential collectors. It just depends.

If it’s a corporate event where they’re doing a wine tasting, you might invite some of your own top collectors and artists. Any chance to invite high-end clientele into the gallery is a sales opportunity. Perhaps a small local venue in town needs a bigger space to host a gala and asks you if they could use your gallery. Or a fashion designer wants to use your gallery to present their latest fashion line to their collector base. Or a small, but great, band would like to perform a concert at your gallery. A small event at your art gallery like that could bring in foot traffic and therefore potential art collectors.

A fine art gallery is a wonderful backdrop for an event. If you do host a few, perhaps word of mouth will bring you people asking to host their next corporate event. As long as you think it might bring in quality potential collectors, it may be worth trying. You might end up expanding your own collector base. It could be great marketing and promotion, or it could be a huge waste of time.



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