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The Easiest Way To Generate Repeat Collectors

What is the easiest and best thing you can do to turn those one-time sales into repeat art collectors? It’s simple, but subtle. It’s how you follow-up. It’s how you write your thank you emails and you how you write your follow-up greeting cards. It’s in all your interactions after your first initial sale. But what is it? It’s in your signature. “Your Gallery Family”. Family.

You’ve made them apart of your small, personal family. You’ve created a deep connection to your collector and by association so has your artist. You’re no longer acquaintances, professionals, friends, you’re family. You’ll take care of them with all their questions and needs. You’ll put their interests first.

For such a small word, family, it has a HUGE emotional impact.

It has other benefits too. Your artists, if called family, will be more invested in your gallery. They’ll feel like you care about them personally. They’ll then work harder because they know you’re working harder for them.

You’ll notice now when you go to a restaurant every time they write “friend” on their menu or on the signs on their wall. They use it because it works. They want people to feel like they can come into their bar, grab a drink, and have a friendly conversation with the bartender or waiter. They want repeat customers, or in the case of art galleries, repeat collectors.

It’s a powerful tool. Use it. Get repeat collectors now.



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