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How To Give A Flawless Elevator Pitch And Why It’s Important In Retail Sales

Have you ever had to give an elevator pitch? No? Do you work in sales? Yes?

Then you probably have given an elevator pitch, but you just haven’t realized it yet. In sales, you’re constantly not only selling products like fine art, but you’re also selling yourself!

Have any of your art collectors ever asked about you? Yes? How stressful to have to organize all your thoughts in a moment’s notice. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have an elevator pitch all ready to give them?

You want to establish that great first impression and there’s no better way than learning how to give an elevator pitch.

People buy products from people they like.

That’s a fact. So learn how to craft an amazing elevator pitch that sells YOU. Lucky for you, your elevator pitch only needs to be about 20 to 30 seconds long. But it does need to be clear, concise and organized. And that could be tough.

To start, you have to figure out your goal. What is it you want to tell people about yourself. This can be dependent on the situation and location. Obviously your elevator pitch inside the art gallery is going to be slightly different from outside the art gallery, so you may consider having two.

Focus on inside the gallery for now.¬†For your goal, do you want to tell people you’ve worked at the art gallery for 10 years? Do you want them to know you know all your artists personally for 10 years? Maybe you dreamed of being in the art gallery since you were 10 years old. You went to school for it. You always helped out artists and had a fascination for the world for a long time. (What would you put on your LinkedIn account?)

Next, you want to explain what it is you do. What is your title? Why is that position powerful? Where do you hope to grow to? But sell yourself here. Make yourself sound interesting!

Lastly, why do you do what you do? What makes you unique? Is it your philosophy on selling? Do you sell for the love of it? Do you want to make your collector’s lives more fulfilled by provided beautiful artworks that will bring joy to their lives? This may not sound important, but if you have a collector that really believes that you care about getting them what they want and not just selling them, it’ll make a world of difference.

Pick and choose the best things to include. Make this elevator pitch succinct, but powerful. Like boom. You know your stuff. It will instantly impress everyone you meet and then, once you’ve said your pitch you can launch into asking them questions. They’ll feel more compelled to be at your level, open up, and offer great answers.

Good luck!

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