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How To Engage Customers Using Open Ended Questions

Learn how to engage customers! Part of overcoming objections and getting closer to those delicious sales is learning how to pinpoint what the objections are. You can do this by asking open-ended questions. Yes or no questions won’t progress your sale much as strongly as open ended questions.

You’re allowed to ask your collectors what they think about a piece of artwork, how it makes them feel or what it reminds them of. These types of questions engage customers and lead to discussions about the artwork that may give you an idea of where your collector’s head is at. It may get you closer to landing that next sale. Try, “What attracts you to this piece of artwork?”

Yes and no questions aren’t necessarily bad to ask, but they won’t help your sale much as an open ended question because it won’t engage customers¬†and get them to open up and express their objections.

The exception to this rule is when you are close to the sale and you need to get them to commit. In that case you want to ask them questions that you’re positive will result in the answer, “yes”. Like, “You have a place in mind to display this sculpture, yes?” “Yes.” “You know you love this sculpture, yes?” “Yes.” “The prices is fair, yes?” “Yes.” And so on. This will help overcome any last objections and bring them closer to committing to the sale.

One last tip, avoid asking questions that start with, “Why”, this may make your collector defensive and it can ruin the mood and thus the sale.

Good luck selling!



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