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What Gallery Hours Should We Be Open?

What art gallery hours should you be open?

Are you worried your art gallery isn’t open during the exact right hours? Are you missing sales because you don’t know what gallery hours you should be open?

You may be able to adjust your gallery hours to maximize your sales revenue. Have you ever experimented with your hours of operation? Is your art gallery open 9am-5pm like most other businesses in town? Have you ever looked at and recorded the exact hour that your sales have been taking place?

If you’re open early in the morning are you seeing enough traffic to warrant being open so early? How many sales have you recorded over the last year during the 9am-12pm hours? If it’s only a handful is it worth paying a sales consultant to be there? Or maybe you have people working there doing cleaning and shipping, but you’re not open to the public. Afternoons generally see a fair amount of traffic, but what about evenings? Do you close before dinner? If you close at 5pm or 6pm are you missing out on a large crowd of people?

Think about people who work typical day jobs. After they go to work they go out to dinner, yes? So you may think that closing before dinner would be great. It’s a slow period when everyone’s at a restaurant, but what about after? Are you missing an entire group of people who are walking around after eating and wanting to look in shops?

Most businesses that close at dinner miss out on this crowd. It leaves a small amount of shops for these people to visit. Is your art gallery one of these shops? Are these quality people? You know that the restaurants in your area are pretty high-class. And the people who go there are going there after a long day of work. Are these not the one’s you’d like visiting your gallery?

So how late should you stay open for them? What days and nights do people go out? Mostly they go out Thursday-Sunday night. Dinners usually last from anywhere between 5pm-8pm. So if that’s your slow period you’re active period will be around 7pm-10pm. This will be different for each district, so experimentation is the key.

Are you changing your hours based on the seasons? Are you open later in the summer when more people are out and about the galleries and it stays light out later at night? Are you minimizing employee costs by closing earlier in the winter, but staying open on certain holidays? Test it out!

Good luck!


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