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How Gallery Lighting Affects Art Gallery Sales

Gallery lighting can make a piece artwork go from okay to wow. It’s pretty straightforward process of finding out how a piece of artwork is supposed to look.

Either your artist will send you a high resolution photo or you put the artwork in sunlight. Either way you do it you’ll see the correct colors of the artwork. From there you’ll want to replicate those colors inside your gallery using a lot of gallery lighting. Depending on the size of a piece of art, you could end up shining just one light bulb on a small painting or sculpture or you could have five directed at a large installation.

High-quality and high-watt fluorescent light bulb floods will keep your artwork looking right. Some galleries use cooler temperature bulbs for a little bit more of a white and less of a harsh yellow look. The bulb can change the hue, value and color intensity of your artwork, so finding the right temperature for your art gallery is key here.

¬†Adjusting the bulbs and aiming them at the right spots on the artwork is also important. If your gallery uses a track and rail lighting system and it’s pretty old, sometimes the track head can get loosened and slump after a while, so constantly checking will assure that the lights are still where you placed them. Even aiming the bulbs just a little off can light up the wall behind the painting or sculpture and detract from the artwork. And choosing the wrong areas of the artwork to highlight can make the painting look different and not its best.

Whenever your art gallery’s paintings are rehanged, it’s important to adjust the lighting to reflect the new artwork. Each piece of art requires a different angle of lighting to illuminate it and help sell it.

In addition, another bonus of great lighting is adding a dimmer switch to all the lights across the gallery. At a moment’s notice, without taking artwork back to the viewing room, it can be a great sales tactic to show how a certain piece of artwork will look under varying degrees of light. It may impress a potential collector enough to purchase it right there and then.

Lighting can make or break your sale and it’s a ongoing process of learning and discovering.

How does lighting affect your art gallery sales?



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