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How To Get Your Art Into An Art Gallery

Always wanted to know how to get your art into an art gallery? Do you have your portfolio ready?

Here’s how to get your art into an art gallery.

Follow any of these pointers for a better chance of getting your art into an art gallery.

For artists, there are a few ways to get into an art gallery, they just take a little bit of strategic planning and some have much higher success rates than others. Here are 5 recommended ways and their chances of success:

  1. Walking into the gallery.
    This can both be the best way to approach a fine art gallery and the worst way. If you do it wrong, you’ll be seen as an utter annoyance. But if you do it right. If you know, without a doubt in your mind that you’ve found the art gallery that you’re work belongs in, then you have a great chance at success. Express this to the art gallery director. It may take a few repeated visits or a scheduling of an appointment to get the gallery director to look at your artwork, but once you do, you’re chances of getting in, well you already know you belong there.
  2. Working for the art gallery you want your work to be in.
    This can be an excellent way to network your way in, get to know your favorite gallery along with how the rest of the industry works. You can then fine tune your artwork to your gallery and get featured because you are personal friends with the director now.
  3. Use an artist agent.
    They have personal connections to galleries in an art district. They make money when they get you into galleries.
  4. Email a ton of art galleries.
    This can be successful if you take the time to really research art galleries and find the right one for your work, but it takes a lot of luck! Most art gallery directors don’t look at those emails. They already receive about 200 a day in their inbox, so you, as a potential artist figure, are absolute last on their list of priorities. It can work, though! Just be persistent!
  5. This goes along with #4: call and follow up with the art gallery to see if they received your email.
    Tell the art gallery director why you absolutely belong in their art gallery. Figure out the key phrases to use to get their attention. If they’re at their computer they might look at your email while you’re on the phone so try to schedule a face to face meeting. Remember to be polite, though!
Good luck and keep trying! It’s one of the hardest fields to work in. But gallery representation is almost in your grasp!



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