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Should You Be Giving Gallery Bonuses?

Should you be giving gallery bonuses to your employees?

As the owner of the gallery, you’re in the unique position to constantly improve employee motivation. But how? One major way is to start giving gallery bonuses to your consultants and assistants.

1.Individual Gallery Bonuses

Giving gallery bonuses each month will keep your consultants and assistants feeling happy and feeling a good amount challenged in their work environment. It keeps them on their toes. But you also want your employees to work together as a team.

2. Overall Gallery Bonuses

Offering overall gallery bonuses might push your entire gallery to think of ways to work together to increase everyone’s performance. If you all your art consultants collectively reach a certain sales target for a month then the entire staff could earn a certain bonus. Maybe a gallery dinner. This becomes another opportunity to increase team building.

This bonus would be on top of individual bonuses, so they don’t feel that they’re being ripped off, or deprived of individual attention.

3. Yearly Gallery Bonus

This could be a monthly bonus. You could also have a yearly bonus. When you’re gallery is constantly excelling and doing better month after month and year after year, you should reward the hard working employees who get you there.

Why bonuses? They give your employees goals to strive for, they give your employees the acknowledgement they crave, and they give them money, the real kind of gift they need. 

Make your fine art gallery the best there is and the one everyone wants to work for. You could end up receiving unsolicited resumes from top talent if word gets around that you’re gallery is the one to work for.

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