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Guaranteed Way To Close Your Next Sale

Have you ever felt like you spent so much time explaining everything to a customer for nothing? Don’t let the sale get away again. Close your next sale.

It can be soul crushing to be that close to a sale and not walk away with a new customer. But there is a time tested solution to close your next sale that works every time.

It can be used in any type of retail sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling fine art at an art gallery, high-end watches at a retail store, or puppies at a pet shop. It always works.

What you want to do to close your next sale is conduct a “trial run” with your potential customer. Take a pet shop for example. A mother and daughter come in one day and fall for that adorable little poodle in the window. They spend 30 minutes inside your store playing with the dog and talking to you about the breed. You know that they love the dog, but they won’t commit to buying him. They have a bunch of objections to committing to purchasing the puppy that day.

So how do you overcome all those objections? First, figure out all the objections. One: the husband isn’t there. So they don’t want to make a decision without him. Two: They already have a dog and they don’t know whether they’ll get along. Three: It’s a pet shop and they’re worried about the price of the puppy.

Now you know all the objections, will your “trial run” solve these problems?

What is a “trial run” anyways?

A trial run is where you let your potential customer take home whatever it is they’re interested in buying and give them a week or so to “test it out.”

Why will this close your sale with the puppy? It will work every time because it will overcome all your objections for you. By letting the mother and daughter take home the puppy you will win over the husband once he gets to know the dog. It will overcome the objection about the puppy and their other dog not getting along. Even if they don’t like each other, over the course of a week they’ll tolerate each other. Plus the mother and daughter’s love for the puppy will grow so much they’d certainly look past whether or not the dogs get along. (It was never a real objection to begin with…) And third, the issue of price will be of no consequence once they’ve had the dog in their home.

Can you imagine taking care of a little puppy for a week, letting it into your family, and then saying, “No, we don’t want it because it costs $800”? No, no one says that.

They’ll justify the price in their head if they love it! (It being the puppy, a painting, a watch, anything!)

This psychological trick to close sales will work with any retail goods. If you’re selling artwork, let your customers or art collectors take the painting home and put it on their walls and test it out. Chances are once the painting is hanging, it means they’re happy with it and it’s not going back to the art gallery.

Another advantage to this is that the customer no longer has the upper hand when it comes to price. They’re at a disadvantage because they’ve committed to the retail goods. So negotiation is tougher for the customer. Great for the retailer, though!

What does your gallery do to win those sales?


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