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Should You Hire A Graphic Designer For Your Art Gallery?

Nowadays it’s not unusual to hire someone with graphic design skills. Here’s why a graphic designer is so important.

In an art gallery environment, you’ll easily find a lot of people that want to work for you are really artsy, savvy, and creative individuals.

So it’s really not hard to find a graphic designer with skills. You could manage them inside the gallery or you could outsource and communicate with them by meeting locally or emailing.

If you hire and they work inside the gallery, you could pay for Photoshop or similar program and have the graphic designer use that to create your designs. (Pixlr.editor is free and easy if your budget is tight.) Or they might have their own programs already!

Chances are you’ll be creating 4-5 new designs every month to keep up with all the events you and promotional ideas you have. These don’t necessarily have to be outsourced to an expensive graphic designer, however, if you did they’d probably turn out cleaner, more professional and stronger, but teaching someone might, in the long run, be more beneficial.

A flyer for your next monthly event might not need to be absolutely perfect, but there are certain promotional materials you may want to consider hiring a professional for. These include your business cards, your website, your artist biographies, the advertisements you pay for, and your catalogs.

The costs can add up if you’re not careful.

You may want a graphic designer, a photographer, and a copywriter. And many galleries hire all those for their most important designs such as logos, continued paid advertising, and websites. If you don’t chose to use professionals, you’ll have to do a lot more work to make sure your materials are proofed and all up to a high standard.

It can make a huge difference when a graphic designer edits your photographs and puts the copy you wrote into a beautiful layout that you know is eye catching. Ultimately, it’s up to your discretion whether you think it’s worth it.

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