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How To Do Better Than Your Competition!

How to do better than your competition…

Do you know how to do better than your competition? Well, do you even know how your competition is doing?

Maybe? If the answer isn’t yes, then how can you expect to do better than them? Alright, starting right now, you’re going to do better! 

Can you imagine anything more repugnant in the world than a potential collector coming into your gallery and comparing your sale’s personality to that of your competition? When’s the last time you checked up on your competition? Was it more than 5 years ago? Yikes.

But you think you’re gallery is awesome, so why take precious time away to go visit the competition?

You have some problems to work through if you don’t think that visiting and studying your competition has nothing to teach you. You always have room to grow and improve. And if you don’t think your competition is checking out your gallery, you’re in for a shock! But hey, if all that happens when you visit the other fine art galleries is you learn what not to do, then you’ve still learned something!

On a serious note, it’s important to know if your competition is also copying you. Installing similar signs to yours. Buying similar rugs. Or worse, featuring artists whose work looks remarkably familiar to your own. You’d be suprised how often this happens. Maybe your gallery is setting the neighborhood trend, but you know what that means? You have to keep changing and getting better so that they can’t keep up! Otherwise, you’ll all look the same and that’s gross. You don’t want that! Especially if they’re stealing your ideas!

If you don’t know these things are going on then you could easily lose a lot of sales. You don’t want to find these things out from your art collectors.

On a positive note, visiting other galleries could inspire the creative juices in you. It could motivate you to work harder. Maybe other galleries have some good ideas going, but poor execution. That’s not to say you should steal their idea, but you could use the opportunity to tell that art gallery you like their idea, but you have a suggestion for them. Build your relationships with other galleries. Being on friendly terms might make them think twice about stealing your ideas! (It’s a lot easier to steal ideas from people you don’t know personally!)


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