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How To Sell More Art, Make More Money, And Be More Successful In The Art Gallery And Online

Is it your dream to wake up every day and be able to create the type of artwork you want? Is that realistic? It depends, there’s no clear cut answer, but there are distinct patterns that mark successful artists in the fine art galleries and selling online.¬†Wondering how to sell more art?

To learn how to sell more art, you have to understand what makes an artist successful.

Successful artists, whether selling online or in brick and mortar stores, are selling niche products. They know how to sell more art because they have spent years defining their style, making their art stand out to a specific audience. If you can’t look at your collection of art and tell that they’re all a part of one set, then you haven’t created a cohesive collection yet. You haven’t found your “voice” so to speak. It should only take a split second to look at a painting or sculpture and be able to tell that that’s so and so’s artwork. Have you ever googled Van Gogh, Picasso, or any of the masters? You can easily tell when it’s their style.

Remember, style is sell-able. It sets you apart from the tens of thousands of other artists you’re competing with. It might feel weird to you to make artwork that’s so similar, most of the pieces will look nearly identical, in many cases. But this is what successful artists do. They find what sells and they remake it almost identically. Maybe a painter will change one color or they will make the same piece on a bigger canvas, but they’re not going to make something completely different. It makes no sense from a business standpoint.

So yes, an artist gets to paint or sculpt what they want, but they also don’t. They have to create what sells, but they still get to make it, it’s still theirs, if that makes sense.

It helps to get into the habit of one style, one really specific method of painting or sculpting. Create a brand. It’s actually really effective way of making art because it means you’re not spending all your time trying to come up with new ideas of art to create. You’re spending every moment making the art, producing more, getting faster. These are necessary skills to have to be successful. If you sell one piece of artwork, you have to be able to replace it with two more the next day.

Good luck growing your art business!



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