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How Important Are Consignment Agreements, Should You Be Making One?

Are you an artist who uses consignment agreements with your art galleries?

Did you have use a consignment agreement in the beginning, and then forgot to keep using it? Is that bad? Yes. It’s really bad. Why?

Unless your art gallery is run by your family, you may not want to place that level of trust in them. A consignment agreement is a legal contract between you and your art galleries. It verifies that your gallery has received the artwork you have given them.

What happens if you don’t use one?

Say you decided to stop using them. You’ve been with a gallery for over a year and never had any problems. You think you even may be friends with the gallery you work with so what’s the problem? Maybe you dropped off some paintings or sculptures or shipped them over, but you didn’t get a consignment agreement signed for them. You call your art gallery up a month later, they have no record of your artwork. You know they have it. They either lost it or are lying. What can you do? There really isn’t much you can do. There is no record of the artwork. Maybe they sold the artwork and kept the money. Maybe they accidentally misplaced it.

You may be able to use a record from the shipping company if the gallery signed for the deliveries, but other than that, you’re out of luck. Some galleries are extremely shady and if stuff like that happens with your artwork, you should pull out of there immediately. Your consignment agreement may be the only thing that saves you.

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