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5 Exercises To Improve Your Ability To Concentrate

Want to know more about these exercises that can improve your ability to concentrate?

Are you finding it difficult to focus and be productive? Do you feel like you’re constantly distracted? With the internet in your pocket, it’s hard not to google every question that pops into your head. But you want to stop and learn how to improve your ability to concentrate.

You want to learn how to strengthen your ability to concentrate and grow your business. Here are 5 EASY exercises you could practice:

  1. Learn to love large post-it notes.
    These are perfect to keep by your desk and write down lists of tasks and goals you need to finish for the day. Write your to-do list every morning and check off every task you’ve completed throughout the day. By the end of the day, or maybe week, you should be able to crumple up and toss your post-it note.
  2. Stay on your feet.
    At the art gallery or retail store location this is much easier to do than at an office cubicle. Write on your post-it note 10 things you could do while on your feet at the gallery. These are things that always need to get down. They could be dusting or straightening artwork. This could be taking inventory of new artwork from the backroom. It could be practicing your sales pitch. These are tasks that you can always get up and do. The point of these is to keep you from sitting at your desk and becoming complacent.
  3. Practice being mindful of what leads you to distractions and figure out what those distractions are to avoid them.
    Concentrate on one task at a time. Don’t try to multi-task, it will lead you to only doing two or more tasks half as well as you could. Slow down and focus on what you are doing. Keep you post-it note list close by so that if you feel yourself getting frustrated with one task you can seamlessly switch to work on another so that you’re stilling being productive. Practicing mindfulness is great for all aspects of your life. It works great for your health. Be mindful of what you eat and how much you exercise, too.
  4. Find something interesting in every task you do.
    The more you enjoy what you do, the slower and more thoughtful you’ll be when you are doing it. Maintaining a sense of curiosity about your work will help you concentrate better.
  5. Practice increasing your concentration by doing small tasks at home like reading books you enjoy, but more slowly.
    At the art gallery, one great thing to practice is reading sales books slowly and practicing memorizing tips and tricks that you can use in your sales strategies. Pull out a highlighter, don’t be afraid to mark your book up!
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