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How Your Ipad Or Tablet Can Help You Make More Sales

Do you have an Ipad or Surface tablet that you use at home? You love it, don’t you? It’s fantastic, it’s so small, easy to use, and portable. You can look up websites, browse photos, and take video in a flash. Now consider this: what if you used it at your art gallery? Did you know it could land you more sales?

You probably use a desktop or maybe a laptop there right now, yes? And sure, a desktop might be more powerful, but can you walk around with it? No. Can a desktop help you get more sales? No. But a tablet…

Can you use your desktop to take photos of the artwork on your wall in an instant and then send them over in an email to some of your collectors in less than two minutes and while you’re talking on the phone? No. So, maybe you’re starting to see how a tablet or Ipad could help generate more sales? Not yet? Keep reading!

A tablet offers you so much greater freedom.

And with new Ipad’s large storage capacity, it can hold all your photos and videos.

Have you ever thought about handing over your Ipad to your collectors to show them previously sold artwork from their favorite artist?

No? It might help you land that next commission. Or you could show them new artwork at one of your other gallery locations while you run to the back room and pull out another sculpture they might be interested in.

What about the invoice process? Do you still use paper when you could go digital and use a handy little Ipad? How stone-age do you look with old invoice papers. Ipads look chic and help streamline the sales process! Go to digital invoices!

There’s so much a tablet can offer your gallery. You could have your entire digital data base in the palm of your hand. And it’s subtle, no one can see what you’re doing. It’s no bulky desktop screen. You could be sitting across from some of your old collectors looking at the database to try to recall the last painting they bought and when they bought it.

How cool is that? Pretty cool. Does your fine art gallery use a tablet?



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